We develop players Who desire more

At Express Fastpitch we develop players who desire more for their lives.

We strive to develop players with integrity and character that extends beyond the confines of the field. Our desire is for players to become students of the game, fueled by their passion and love for softball whilst learning life lessons that aid in achieving their best selves.

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Team Johnson Game Changer Facebook

Rachel Carter
#02 Rachel Carter 2024
Mia Swords
#05 Mia Swords 2024
Riley Bord
#07 Riley Bord 2025
Emily Hlavacek
#08 Emily Hlavacek 2025
KB Seabolt
#15 KB Seabolt 2025
Karsen Baldridge
#20 Karsen Baldridge 2024
Genesis Satterfield
#22 Genesis Satterfield 2026
Sapphire Barker
#23 Sapphire Barker 2024
Pyper Smith
#27 Pyper Smith 2023
McKenzie Taylor
#33 McKenzie Taylor 2025
Hunter Dzerve
#41 Hunter Dzerve 2024
Micah Burruss
#51 Micah Burruss 2025

Team Hutson Game Changer Facebook

Callie Puckett
#01 Callie Puckett 2025
Kaitlyn Benitez
#03 Kaitlyn Benitez 2027
Kaylee Purvis
#04 Kaylee Purvis 2025
Ashley Miner
#08 Ashley Miner 2024
Jordan Faucett
#10 Jordan Faucett 2026
Rylyn Battles
#12 Rylyn Battles 2026
Bri Murphy
#13 Bri Murphy 2024
Victoria Phagan
#14 Victoria Phagan 2025
Baylee Hutson
#17 Baylee Hutson 2026
Rahini Patel
#29 Rahini Patel 2025
Emelie Lembcke
#33 Emelie Lembcke 2026

Team Abernathy Game Changer Facebook

Molly Arrocena
#01 Molly Arrocena 2027
Maddox Wilson
#02 Maddox Wilson 2024
Nevaeh Massey
#03 Nevaeh Massey 2026
Ariyana Abernathy
#07 Ariyana Abernathy 2026
Patricia Arrocena
#09 Patricia Arrocena 2025
Olivia Heck
#22 Olivia Heck 2024
Loran Lajoie
#31 Loran Lajoie 2024
Adler Crutchfield
#68 Adler Crutchfield 2025

Team Vandiver Game Changer Facebook

Megan Whitt
#03 Megan Whitt 2026
Carsen Faber
#04 Carsen Faber 2026
Addyson Cagle
#08 Addyson Cagle 2027
Kamden Reis
#11 Kamden Reis 2027
Reagan Hays
#14 Reagan Hays 2026
Kaylee Cook
#15 Kaylee Cook 2026
Avery Ewing
#22 Avery Ewing 2027
Braelynn Vandiver
#24 Braelynn Vandiver 2027
Olivia Nagel
#27 Olivia Nagel 2027

Team Stephenson Game Changer

Natalie Brennan
#07 Natalie Brennan 2027
Hayden Mangum
#09 Hayden Mangum 2027
McCall Bowen
#12 McCall Bowen 2027
Sophia Swords
#14 Sophia Swords 2026
Reagan Huff
#15 Reagan Huff 2028
Haley Stephenson
#16 Haley Stephenson 2027
Kate Galasso
#17 Kate Galasso 2026
Zoie Davenport
#27 Zoie Davenport 2028
Macie Moore
#44 Macie Moore 2027

Team Sawyer Game Changer Facebook

Addyson Berry
#01 Addyson Berry 2031
Avery Cagle
#03 Avery Cagle 2031
Kadynce Jones
#04 Kadynce Jones 2033
Brooke White
#08 Brooke White 2031
Grey Gieler
#10 Grey Gieler 2032
Marianna Pino
#13 Marianna Pino 2032
Paisley Prater
#14 Paisley Prater 2031
Emma Atkinson
#24 Emma Atkinson 2031
Saydee Carlton
#48 Saydee Carlton 2031
Ellie Sawyer
#55 Ellie Sawyer 2031
Difference Makers

Coaching Staff

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson Head Coach – 18u
Cory Hutson
Cory Hutson Co-Founder
Head Coach – 16u
Zach Abernathy
Zach Abernathy Co-Founder
Head Coach – 16u
Kevin Stephenson
Kevin Stephenson Head Coach – 14u
Candace Vandiver
Candace Vandiver Head Coach – 14u
CJ Sawyer
CJ Sawyer Head Coach – 10u
Justin Seabolt
Justin Seabolt Assistant Coach – 18u
Daniel Phagan
Daniel Phagan Assistant Coach – 16u
Ryan Battles
Ryan Battles Assistant Coach – 16u
Roger Huffman
Roger Huffman Assistant Coach – 16u
Pat Wilson
Pat Wilson Assistant Coach – 16u
Mark Brennan
Mark Brennan Assistant Coach – 14u
John Galasso
John Galasso Assistant Coach – 14u
Chris Hays
Chris Hays Assistant Coach – 14u
Joel Whitt
Joel Whitt Assistant Coach – 14u
Rimee Hart
Rimee Hart Assistant Coach – 14u
Jorga Huntsinger
Jorga Huntsinger Assistant Coach – 14u
Chad Carlton
Chad Carlton Assistant Coach – 10u
Unsung Heroes

Team Volunteers

William Bord
William Bord Stat Wrangler
Bryan Cagle
Bryan Cagle Stat Wrangler
Drago Dzerve
Drago Dzerve Social Media Wizard
Jamie Dzerve
Jamie Dzerve Social Media Wizard
Brian Heck
Brian Heck Stat Wrangler
Suzanne Hlavacek
Suzanne Hlavacek Cat Herder
Matt Mangum
Matt Mangum Stat Wrangler
Megan Nagel
Megan Nagel Cat Herder
Brandon Puckett
Brandon Puckett Batting Cage Target
Linda Purvis
Linda Purvis Team Mom
Brandy Swords
Brandy Swords Team Mom
Jennifer Verastegui
Jennifer Verastegui Stat Wrangler
Melissa Whitt
Melissa Whitt Team Mom
Maddox Abernathy
Maddox Abernathy Cat Herder
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