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We develop players Who desire more

At Express Fastpitch we develop players who desire more for their lives.

We strive to develop players with integrity and character that extends beyond the confines of the field. Our desire is for players to become students of the game, fueled by their passion and love for softball whilst learning life lessons that aid in achieving their best selves.

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Express Fastpitch

Express Fastpitch was co-founded by Cory Hutson and Zach Abernathy. They were previously affiliated with QAB Fastpitch for several years prior. In May of 2020, they set out to start a brand new fastpitch organization. They want to provide exceptional coaching and development for all players (on and off field) without having to break the bank.


Express launched with three 12u teams. As of the 2023-2024 season, we are entering our 4th year as an organization. We now have six teams! We pride ourselves on quality growth over quantity of teams. In a time where big name organizations gift away their brand, Express is proudly building carefully and purposefully with time and thoughtfulness to ensure success of each family, coach, team, and – most importantly – each player.

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Our Players


Team JohnsonGame Changer Facebook

Rachel Carter
#02Rachel Carter2024
Mia Swords
#05Mia Swords2024
Riley Bord
#07Riley Bord2025
Emily Hlavacek
#08Emily Hlavacek2025
KB Seabolt
#15KB Seabolt2025
Sapphire Barker
#23Sapphire Barker2024
Pyper Smith
#27Pyper Smith2023
Hunter Dzerve
#41Hunter Dzerve2024
Micah Burruss
#51Micah Burruss19
Yvonne Minutello
#88Yvonne Minutello2024
Jayden Bailey
#99Jayden Bailey2024

Team HutsonGame Changer Facebook

Kaitlyn Benitez
#03Kaitlyn Benitez19
Kaylee Purvis
#04Kaylee Purvis19
Linsey Peevy
#05Linsey Peevy2024
Ashley Miner
#08Ashley Miner19
Jordan Faucett
#10Jordan Faucett19
Rylyn Battles
#12Rylyn Battles19
Bri Murphy
#13Bri Murphy19
Victoria Phagan
#14Victoria Phagan19
Baylee Hutson
#17Baylee Hutson19
Rahini Patel
#29Rahini Patel19
Gillian Price
#32Gillian Price2025
Emelie Lembcke
#33Emelie Lembcke19
Sydney Hutchinson
#88Sydney Hutchinson2025

Team AbernathyGame Changer Facebook

Molly Arrocena
#01Molly Arrocena19
Maddox Wilson
#02Maddox Wilson19
Nevaeh Massey
#03Nevaeh Massey19
Sydney Dickson
#05Sydney Dickson2026
Ariyana Abernathy
#07Ariyana Abernathy2026
Patricia Arrocena
#09Patricia Arrocena19
Karsyn O’Hara
#13Karsyn O’Hara2025
Jillian Mitchell
#17Jillian Mitchell2025
Olivia Heck
#22Olivia Heck19
Loran Lajoie
#31Loran Lajoie19
Adler Crutchfield
#68Adler Crutchfield19
Alison Svetz
#77Alison Svetz2025

Team VandiverGame Changer Facebook

Carsen Faber
#04Carsen Faber2026
Addyson Cagle
#08Addyson Cagle2027
Kamden Reis
#11Kamden Reis2027
Hayden Halper
#13Hayden Halper2028
Reagan Hays
#14Reagan Hays2026
Kaylee Cook
#15Kaylee Cook2026
Avery Ewing
#22Avery Ewing2027
Braelynn Vandiver
#24Braelynn Vandiver2027
Olivia Nagel
#27Olivia Nagel2027
Emma Coulter
#53Emma Coulter2027

Team StephensonGame Changer

Hannah Fabich
#03Hannah Fabich2027
Natalie Brennan
#07Natalie Brennan19
Hayden Mangum
#09Hayden Mangum19
McCall Bowen
#12McCall Bowen19
Sophia Swords
#14Sophia Swords19
Reagan Huff
#15Reagan Huff19
Haley Stephenson
#16Haley Stephenson19
Kate Galasso
#17Kate Galasso19
Marley Kable
#77Marley Kable2027

Team SawyerGame Changer Facebook

Addyson Berry
#01Addyson Berry19
Avery Cagle
#03Avery Cagle19
Kadynce Jones
#04Kadynce Jones19
Evanee Higuera
#07Evanee Higuera19
Brooke White
#08Brooke White19
Grey Gieler
#10Grey Gieler19
Marianna Pino
#13Marianna Pino19
Paisley Prater
#14Paisley Prater19
Addysen Smith
#18Addysen Smith2031
Emma Atkinson
#24Emma Atkinson19
Saydee Carlton
#48Saydee Carlton19
Ellie Sawyer
#55Ellie Sawyer19
Difference Makers

Coaching Staff

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson Head Coach – 18u
Cory Hutson
Cory Hutson Co-Founder
Head Coach – 16u
Zach Abernathy
Zach Abernathy Co-Founder
Head Coach – 16u
Kevin Stephenson
Kevin Stephenson Head Coach – 14u
Candace Vandiver
Candace Vandiver Head Coach – 14u
CJ Sawyer
CJ Sawyer Head Coach – 10u
Justin Seabolt
Justin Seabolt Assistant Coach – 18u
Daniel Phagan
Daniel Phagan Assistant Coach – 16u
Ryan Battles
Ryan Battles Assistant Coach – 16u
Roger Huffman
Roger Huffman Assistant Coach – 16u
Pat Wilson
Pat Wilson Assistant Coach – 16u
Mark Brennan
Mark Brennan Assistant Coach – 14u
John Galasso
John Galasso Assistant Coach – 14u
Chris Hays
Chris Hays Assistant Coach – 14u
Joel Whitt
Joel Whitt Assistant Coach – 14u
Chad Carlton
Chad Carlton Assistant Coach – 10u
Unsung Heroes

Team Volunteers

William Bord
William Bord Stat Wrangler
Bryan Cagle
Bryan Cagle Stat Wrangler
Drago Dzerve
Drago Dzerve Social Media Wizard
Jamie Dzerve
Jamie Dzerve Social Media Wizard
Brian Heck
Brian Heck Stat Wrangler
Suzanne Hlavacek
Suzanne Hlavacek Cat Herder
Matt Mangum
Matt Mangum Stat Wrangler
Megan Nagel
Megan Nagel Cat Herder
Brandon Puckett
Brandon Puckett Batting Cage Target
Linda Purvis
Linda Purvis Team Mom
Brandy Swords
Brandy Swords Team Mom
Jennifer Verastegui
Jennifer Verastegui Stat Wrangler
Melissa Whitt
Melissa Whitt Team Mom
Maddox Abernathy
Maddox Abernathy Cat Herder
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